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Training Courses/Programs

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The requesting agency co-hosts the training by providing the facilities for classroom and practical training sites. The co-host also provides marketing support in the form of emails, mailings and faxes as available.

Tactical | Less Lethal Certifications 

Training Courses: 

  • Valor Basic Special Weapons and Tactics Course

  • Valor Hostage Rescue Course

  • Valor SWAT II Advanced Course 

  • Taser Certification | Recertification Course (Taser X2  | Taser X26P | Taser X7 

  • Less Lethal Munitions Certification | Recertification Course 

  • Chemical Agents Certification | Recertification Course

  • Tactical Baton Certification | Recertification Course

  • Distraction Devices Certification | Recertification Course (NFDD) 

  • Basic Manual | Ballistic Breaching Certification | Recertification Course

  • Tactical Shield Certification | Recertification Course 

Patrol Tactical Course 


Training Courses: 

  • Valor Patrol Counter Ambush Tactics Course (P-CAT) Valor Tactical Stops & Approaches

  • Valor Two-Officer Patrol Tactics | Response Course (PTC)

  • Valor Advance Traffic Stops Course

  • Valor Patrol Rifle Operator Course 

  • Valor Patrol Tactical Shield Course 

  • Valor Stop the Bleeding Course 

  • Valor Small Team Tactics Course (Contact & Cover Protocols)

  • Valor Low Light | No Light Course 

  • Valor Defensive Tactics Course 

  • Valor Tactical Restraints Course (Handcuffs, Flexcuffs, Hobble Restraints,WRAP)

  • Valor First Officer on Scene Survival Response Protocols 


Specialized Courses 

Training Courses:  

  • Valor Officer Down | Injured Officer | Rescue Course

  • Valor Supervising Patrol Critical Incidents Course 

  • Valor Ballistic Shield Course 

  • Valor Patrol Response to Barricade Incidents Course

  • Valor Tactical CQB Handcuffing Course

  • Valor Patrol CQB | Room Entry | Room Clearing Training Course (P-CQB) 

  • Valor Armed Off-Duty Carry | On-Duty Plain Clothes Carry Encounters Course (ODC|PCC)

  • Valor High Risk Warrant Service (HRW)

  • Valor Effective Use of Chemical Munitions for Patrol Officers 

  • Valor Fundamentals & Principles of Shooting through Glass | Walls | Doors | Windows Tactics Course 

Instructor Courses 

  • Ballistic Shield Instructor Course 

  • Breaching Instructor Course

  • Firearms Instructor Course

  • Patrol Tactics Instructor Course 

  • Defensive Tactics Instructor Course 

Officer Resilience Programs/Concepts (HOST THIS FREE COURSES) 

Training Courses: 

  • Violence Against Law Enforcement and Ensuring Officer Resilience and Survivability (VALOR) Course 

  • Below 100 Officer Safety Course 

Realistic De-escalation Courses 
Training Courses:

  • Realistic De-escalation Course

  • Police | Citizen Encounters Course  

  • Arrest Related | In-Custody Death Prevention Course

  • Response to Excited Delirium | Agitated Chaotic Events 

  • Response to Subjects Under Medical Distress

  • Supervisory | Command Level Best Practices Course  for Managing Excited Delirium Incidents 

  • Investigation of Arrest Related | In-Custody Deaths 

  • Law Enforcement Response to Suicidal Subjects

Interview | Interrogation Courses 

  • Interview & Interrogation Techniques Course 

  • Effective Report Writing Course

  • Effective Courtroom Demeanor Course

Texas DPS License to Carry | Private Security Licensing | Private Firearms Training 

Training Courses:  Lic# F01097

  • Personal Protection Course (PPO-Bodyguard)

  • License to Carry Course

  • Defensive Shooting Course 

  • Level 1 Pistol | Rifle  Course

  • Level 2 Pistol | Rifle Course

  • Level 3 Pistol | Rifle Course  

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